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What to do in Brighton?

Brighton can be reached in less than an hour by train from London. day trip Ideal to get away from it all. Coastal cities, especially popular on sunny days. French Morning London offers you a range of activities to make the most of your day.

to Brighton

The fastest and easiest way to get from London to Brighton is undoubtedly by train. The journey takes about an hour and trains leave regularly throughout the day from several stations including Victoria and St Pancras. Add to that an average £30 return.

What to do in Brighton?

Visit the Royal Pavilion

Built in the early 19th century as the seaside residence of King George IV. Its Anglo-Indian style is particularly striking.Also not to be missed is the garden pavilionwhich also contains Brighton Museum and Art GalleryThe latter contains an impressive collection of paintings describing the evolution of Brighton over the centuries as well as some personal belongings of King George IV.

enjoy the sea

Brighton Pier

Brighton is considered one of the top ten best seaside resorts in the world, and its main attraction is its seafront. Great for sunbathing and entertainment. Its pier, Brighton Palace Pier, has an amusement park that includes a roller coaster.

not far British Airways i360, the tallest moving observation tower in the world. So as long as there is a clear sky, it can rise to over 138 meters for a panoramic view of Brighton and its surroundings, including the Isle of Wight…best done at sunset.

If the weather turns cold, please evacuate marine life, the aquarium – still in use – the oldest in the world. In addition to the Victorian architecture, there are many marine species to admire. You can even touch some of them, including starfish and sea anemones.

Discover different neighborhoods

Brighton Lane

If Brighton is primarily known for its waterfront, its colourful neighbourhoods are just as worth a visit. Two of the busiest are North Lanes, with around 400 shops and cafes, and the labyrinth of streets with many boutiques. beyond retro for retro, Dirty Harry (Dirty Raven denim.


Brighton Dome

This Brighton Centre Host the hottest comedies, plays and artists.This Brighton Dome Offered him a more classical programme of music, dance, drama and poetry, and in a luxurious setting, the dome was built at the same time as the Royal Pavilion.not far away Theatre Royalwhose procedure is similar to that of the dome.

Where to eat?

Brighton has plenty of food outlets and there is something for everyone.To start the day gently, favor Billy’s Cafe and Kenny’s Rock & Soul Cafefamous for them English breakfast. This lion and lobster as well as white rabbit are two classic Brighton addresses. And for lovers of international flavors, Pompoccois a Japanese restaurant especially popular with locals and perfect for small budgets.

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