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The taste of Paris – Why you will love Petit Victor Hugo

VS ‘good to leave today. Especially if the sea call is not far away and is at 16e borough. The code name of the breaking wave in question: PVH. Welcome to Gamay Victor-Hugo, who did a makeover under the leadership of Laura Gonzalez. The prominent designer raised the decoration of this institution located on Victor-Hugo avenue. Here it has been converted on its two floors (with the added bonus of a green roof called Le Petit Toit on the third floor) into an Art Deco brasserie that reveals an atmosphere of the seventies between in his large bar and in the caramel tones of his woods, mosaics. , rugs and other leather benches.

All you have to do is sit in this atmosphere straight outside The cruise was fun to discover the sea mark played by Sandrine Esteves. Consistent with the seafood bars thriving in the capital, fish, shellfish and crustaceans roam the shoals on the “eco-responsible fishing” menu envisioned by the chef working at Flora Mikula. Among the unforgettable celebrations, the PVH platter (55 euros): a seafood regiment combining oysters from Véronique Gillardeau and Joël Dupuch, prawns, whelks from Granville, salmon tartare, tuna sashimi and sea bream ceviche. An ode to iodine that gives the feeling of kissing the sea full of the mouth.

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Street food nuggets

Street food lovers will find their happiness through two nuggets: tuna fingers (14 euros), barely snacked tuna sticks stuffed between two slices of crispy brioche bread seasoned with Thai sauce , or the crispy prawns (13 euros), breaded prawns. with bread crumbs dipped in curry mayonnaise. Addictive pieces of courage that are just as worth a turn. For shellfish lovers, don’t forget the roasted octopus tossed between eggplant caviar and a virgin sauce. The arrival of the sun directly from the coasts of France allows you to choose according to auction between turbot, sea bream, wild bass, red mullet, brill …

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For dessert, go to the achta from Bachir. A unique Lebanese ice cream made from milk cream, orchid tubers, misk (terebinth resin), orange blossom, all stuffed with crushed pistachios. On the liquid side, try the cocktail menu (from 9 to 14 euros) – with and without alcohol – signed by Adèle Fardeau. With this summer, the invigorating summer garden: gin, raspberry, rose, lemon, strawberry, pomegranate, rosemary.

Little Victor Hugo143, avenue Victor-Hugo, Paris16e. Open Monday through Sunday noon and night. Menus: from 25 to 29 euros (Luncheon). Card in 31 on 68 euros. 01 83 26 00 01.

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