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The perch escapes by Roland Lescure – French

It is a coveted position, the fourth highest position in the country, which Roland Lescure would have liked to occupy. However, the presidency of the National Assembly will not go to the deputy of the French in North America this year. The presidential majority at the Palais Bourbon preferred Yaël Braun-Pivet to run for him. The Overseas Minister won by 105 votes against Roland Lescure’s 85, during a secret ballot, a kind of primary for the deputies of the ¡Juntos! coalition, which brings together LREM, Modem and Horizons.

Six candidates ran to be the majority candidate for this important position in French political life. Indeed, it is the President of the National Assembly who organizes the parliamentary work and directs the debates in session; he has the power to appoint, in particular, three members of the Constitutional Council, an institution to which he can also refer in a law or treaty text; he is consulted before the dissolution of the National Assembly and presides over Congress.

Two rounds of voting were needed to decide between the two former committee chairmen: Law Commission for the Yvelines deputy, Economic Affairs for elected French citizens living abroad. Except for surprise, Yaël Braun-Pivet should be appointed as head of the 577 deputies, during the inaugural session of the XVI Legislature on Tuesday, June 28. The 51-year-old minister will then become the first woman to land. She will succeed Richard Ferrand, who, during his election against two women in 2018, had asked her ” sorry I’m not a lady “.

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