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The Paris of chefs – What Victor Mercier ate

Flist Main chef 2018, Victor Mercier first offered himself a world tour of producers to better return to the French terroir by inaugurating. FIEF – Made here in France. Goal ? Use only products from France. Successful challenge. It shows that France not only has quality terroirs, but a diversity of small local products. Pure Parisian, this insatiably curious man shows the same curiosity and the same commitment when it comes to flushing the good address.

His table of hearts: Sushi Shunei
“It’s a family business, a very small counter with eight to nine seats and people come here to taste amazing sushi. About fifteen per person, which is done in front of the customer in a peace. The gesture was great and the tasting menu was punctuated over two hours. Mr. left us. Shunei, but his wife continues the adventure…”
3, rue Audran, 18e. Menus: €120 and €180.

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His sandwich shop: The Stolen Glass grocery store
“It is a stone’s throw from the restaurant, and I enjoy the unique sandwiches, which like this are rare in Paris. This is a short proposal, which changes every day depending on the products of the season, etc. yet. The sourcing is impeccable and the result, always balanced and original. A combo I love? Tarama-artichokes. »
54, rue de La Folie Méricourt, 11e.

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His bakery: General fermentation
“This is the story of a sommelier… who loves bread. Result: he only works with old flour and produces daily in very small quantities. No baguettes here but wholemeal bread, rich and very fresh. He made us an amazing focaccia for the restaurant. »
37, rue de La Folie Méricourt, 11e. On Instagram @fermentationgenerale

His ice cream parlor: Alain Ducasse’s ice cream
“For me, they are the best of their kind in Paris. I can’t find anything to complain about: the texture is airy, light, non-greasy and always made from quality products. The flavors are strong and the pairings are often bold. I was surprised by the pistachio and seaweed duo. »
38, rue de la Roquette, 11e.

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His pizzeria: Giorgio

“I worship pizza and, one Sunday a month, tasting it is a pilgrimage for me. This address belongs to Dalmata, a very serious group in this matter, and I find it very unusual. Everything is Italian, and the sourcing of the products as well as the knowledge is impeccable. It’s a treat every time. I love Marinara: tomatoes, olives, oregano, olive oil and whatever. »
21 Charonne Street, 11e. From 11 to 20 € the pizza.

FIEF. 44, rue de La Folie Méricourt, Paris 11e.
Count 70 € à la carte.

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