The Cyclic Triaxial Soil Testing Machine: All You Need To Know

Earlier there were no as such technologies available which can be used for testing, etc. No efforts were made to test the reliability, etc of the material which is being used in the construction process. The construction process was taken as very lighter. But now, no construction process is undertaken without the prior testing of the raw materials which are used in the process of construction. All the material including soil, cement, rocks, etc is tested using different equipment. Soil testing is considered as the most important testing, and so many tests are being conducted on it using different equipment.

The cyclic triaxial soil testing machine is also one of the main equipment used in the testing process. There are many service providers available in the market which offers this equipment and you must carefully choose yours. The cyclic triaxial testing is also known as dynamic triaxial testing. This is mainly performed on the soil to observe the strength as well as many other properties of the soil mainly under the cyclic loading situation. Some of the different conditions which come under this are dynamic loading that comes from vehicles that are passing, sea waves, due to wind, and so on.

Many accessories are used for this type of testing. Some of the components include:

  • The load frame: This frame is in the shape of two pillars standing with the machinery fitted in it. The different variations of the load frame are used in many types of tests including dynamic, static, or even both.
  • Use of an actuator: The actuator plays a very important role in this testing and it is used with the load frame. The different capacities of loads are available which can be used. The actuator used for the process of loading is a motion device in which you can get motion-controlled on a different basis including strain and stress basis. These controllers are available in two forms one is hydraulic and the second is electromechanical.
  • Triaxial cell: The use of triaxial cells is important to perform many types of tests especially dynamic. This cell is the new version or model of the static cell.
  • Pressure system: This system is used to distribute pressures for back as well as confining pressure.
  • Load cells: Load cells are important for dynamic triaxial testing. The size of the sample will decide the capacity of the different load cells.

So, these are the following components of dynamic triaxial testing which are used for testing soil. There are proper procedures that are to be followed to conduct these tests. This includes preparation of the sample means the sample of the soil that you want to test, saturation, the process of consolidation, cyclical loading, and so on. Cyclic triaxial testing lab equipment is used for this testing. So, now must never skip this process of soil testing as it is an inevitable part of the construction process. So, these tools to choose the best for your construction process.




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