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Search Engine Optimization For Better ROI

Search Engine Optimization For Better ROI

Every business wants to improve its SERP rankings. Most spend thousands of dollars each month to get to the first three pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They hire a team of search engine optimizers and have to pay hefty salaries as well. When results do not seem to show they fire some team members and hire new SEOs.

There may be many reasons why your website does not show up high in search results. An experienced company can help you better than the in-house SEO team. The expense of hiring a third party is much lower as well. With high rankings, companies can have more traffic. No users these days go beyond the first three pages of the search results. If your team is not giving you good results revisit the SEO strategy and redo it. 

First what you will need to do is enhance the user experience. When you get a new visitor they have to feel at ease and comfortable at your site so they can stay longer. If your site is high-quality enough, you will not have a problem in ranking well for your keywords.  Users will stay at your website longer and Google bots will see people spending more time at your site as compared to your competitor so it will rank you higher assuming your site pages are more useful than your competitors. With Google higher, user engagement means higher rankings. 

You will need to have a voice search as millions of people are using it. For them, it is more convenient than typing in text. Consumer habits change and with it, your website codes also have to change. It is now more feasible to focus on topic clusters. You can have the main pillar content page and link other pages to it that have the related content. There is no need to go into great depth on any topic unless it is relevant to the user.

Your videos mean a lot more to you now than ever before. You need them up on YouTube and other video platforms to get more visibility and traffic. Besides leaving your home page links on YouTube you can also place them at other high traffic sites with your brief business messages.   

Another imperative thing is the technical aspect associated with search engine optimization. These have to do with orphan links and site coding errors. You need flawless coding that is W3C compliant. Sites with broken links are slow to load and are very complex to rank high as Google likes sites that load fast. So the best thing to do is get a technical analysis. The SEO agency you hire can do this for you for free. They will also give you a list of things that need to be done to optimize the website.

After your website is ready for search engine optimization you need to first do your local optimization. You will need the appropriate local keywords and local listings. In SEO all work is incomplete if you cannot measure it. Reporting is an important aspect of SEO work so that efforts can be measured. When you hire an experienced SEO company, you can enjoy a better return on your investment.