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“Recitative”, by Toni Morisson, published in French – Le Courrier des Amériques

Toni Morrison’s short story “Recitative” will be released on August 18, 2022 in book form in French.

an unusual trip :

An article by Isaline Rémy

Toni Morrisson, a pseudonym she chose for Chloe Ardelia Wofford, was born on February 18, 1931 in Lorain -Ohio- into a working-class family, within a family of four children. After her studies in literature, she taught at various universities before becoming an editor. In 1988, his novel Loved He is a Pulitzer Prize winner. In 1993 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature. His novels and essays have been published in France by Christian Bourgeois Editeur. He passed away on August 5, 2019.

editor’s word :

Three years have passed since the death of Toni Morrison, and more than half a century since the publication of her first book “The Bluest Eye”, the prelude to a long and magnificent romantic symphony.

Already converted into essential classics of literature, his works have decisively inspired generations of novelists in their own vocation, such as Zadie Smith, who today signs a superb epilogue to accompany the publication of “Recitative” that has just been released as a coda. The one and only short story ever published by Toni Morrison, in 1983, translated into French by Christine Laferrière and published in the pages of America magazine in 2019, this one finally appears in volume for the first time.

As Zadie Smith rightly points out in her postscript, “Recitative” is in line with the logic of Toni Morrison’s work, a perfectly finished work, in every sense of the word, which includes eleven novels, and one short story, for that matter. Therefore, “all written with specific purposes or intentions”. We find the writer’s favorite themes, while also discovering the result of an unprecedented literary experience, that “removing all racial codes from a story about two characters of different races for whom racial identity is crucial.” This work in its entirety and completeness is offered to French-speaking readers. »

East short novelHe was exhumed in the United States last February. Toni is gone, but his voice continues to sound, a majestic and lyrical voice more than ever necessary. Toni Morrison’s writing is sometimes difficult to decipher, a wish that allows the reader to push the analysis. Zadie Smith’s afterword sheds an essential and remarkable light.

The summary :

Twyla and Roberta were eight years old when they met at the house in St-Bonaventure. One is black; the other is white. (But which is which?) We’ll never know…) For four months, the two girls will remain inseparable, before life takes them away. Years later, they will briefly meet again, several times, each time under very different circumstances. An often difficult reunion, which casts a dim light on an episode from their childhood, an apparently innocuous scene whose memory has never left them -if this memory is true to what really happened that day-.

For this new literary season, Recitation is a true literary reinforcement for all audiences!

Isaline REMY

(from the Christian Bourgeois Editions press kit).

Thanks to Editions Christian Bourgeois for their collaboration in the person of Noémie Sauvage, press officer.


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