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Paris-ci, par-là-Chez Monix, the mountain at the foot of Paris

and the image of our most beautiful winter sports resorts, from the Alps to the Pyrenees, from the Jura to the Vosges, via the Massif Central, access to the restaurant Chez Monix (the latest creation in Not bistros in Paris, a collective with seven other restaurants outside of pair) acquired. You can be confident, though, that to reach this refurbished ski resort outside of Paris, you don’t need chains or snow wheels, but a good dose of determination.

Located in Port Van Gogh in Asnières, on the cliffs of the Seine, Chez Monix (which takes the marks of Splash, the restaurant opened by Norbert Tarayre, past Main chef), presents itself as the first ski resort where you can’t ski … But where you can taste all the other mountain pleasures. This restaurant offers many mountain cooking classics, such as the iconic fondue, tartiflette or racliflette, but also some stewed dishes that have been updated: stew, stuffed cabbage, Savoyard stew, veal blanquette, and more.

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A bluffing impression

Cloudy appearance, immersion in the world of the mountains remained bluffing, when we passed the door after first leaving our keys with the valet – about us, we walked 15 minutes from the metro station Clichy town hall. The room is available in two spaces: a successful first plunges into the cozy atmosphere of a mountain chalet, animal skins and a fireplace guarantee. At the helm of the decoration, we see the Gaudin family: second-hand merchants founded in Taninges (Haute-Savoie). The other space is an elegant loggia with a view of the Seine and Paris. Even if the recovery is good, you lose a little mountain spirit when you sit at one of these tables …

On the plate, the bet is successful, the dishes are quickly served, do not shine with originality, but contain amounts that are sure as it is invigorating-prime rib (49.50 euros per person), beef tenderloin (47, 50 euros per person) or Iberian pork secreto (38.00 euros per person). Special mention, once it’s time for dessert, for “Monix cabbage”, a gourmet cabbage cracker, filled with praline cream and sprinkled with hazelnuts (11 euros).

Where to squeeze the shoe when settling the bill at the end of dinner. The dish to be shared + dessert is negotiated at 40 euros per person, making it a very expensive price for an imaginary mountain restaurant, but very concrete outside of Paris. If there were four of us, we would comfort ourselves by reserving a table in one of 22 “vintage” gondolas and cable cars, right from our French mountains, and accommodating 3 to 8 people. The scenery is guaranteed to change, but don’t forget the gloves and jackets!

Chez Monix in Splash, Port Van-Gogh, Asnières-sur-Seine (92),
Open 7 days a week from 12 pm to 3 pm, then from 7 pm to 11 pm Until March 31, 2022

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