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On Sunday, the champion puts his title in play! Premier League winners last year after a crazy duel with Liverpool, Manchester City are dreaming of a third title in a row. And it starts on Sunday with a challenging trip to London on the lawn of West Ham. In an attempt to beat the Hammers, Pep Guardiola must use his deadly new weapon, Norwegian international Erling Haaland, recruited this summer. However, the Spanish technician wanted to calm everyone’s enthusiasm for his player, wanting to be cautious about asking for indulgence for the scorer, who has played very little in recent months.

“If he has doubts…”

“I don’t know how many goals he will score and I don’t care. (…) We are not going to win for Erling or lose for Erling, we have to be ourselves. He’s fast, he’s a guy who last week played 90 minutes for the first time in five months, he might need more time to get into conditions. If he has any doubts, he will score goals, he will score a few, he did it every year. You just have to adapt to how he plays, and we will adapt the last third to him. I have no doubts, but I don’t know how many goals he will score,” he said.

Subsequently, he returned to the topic of last year’s debate, penalties and, in particular, the good performance of Riyad Mahrez in this area: “Last season we improved the quality of our penalties. We have missed many in the past. Riyadh was exceptional last season, they missed the last one, but overall they were good. It is they who will decide. Just as much as the taker, when you appear, will make a decision, the rest is not important. Suffice it to say that on Sunday, in the event of a penalty, it should be Riyad Mahrez.


Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola met with the press ahead of the Premier League’s resumption this weekend and their game against West Ham. He spoke at the premiere of Erling Haaland as well as Riyad Mahrez.

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