PlayStation Plus Games Catalog Gets New Day One Release in August

PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe subscribers will get a nostalgic RPG to add to their libraries in August, as Sea of ​​Stars will be available as a day one release on that service. A love letter to JRPGs of the SNES and Sega Genesis era, Sea of ​​Stars will join the PlayStation Plus game catalog on August 29, and a demo is available now on PS5 and PS4.

According to developer Sabotage Studio, Sea of ​​Stars blends retro aesthetics and modern design to create an experience that’s nostalgic but isn’t held back by some of the most problematic game design decisions of the past. Another of the game’s great features is its traversal system, which, according to Sabotage, was designed to be more varied and fluid.

“Too often, we’ve fought epic monsters only to then veer off our path to reach the next objective because a fallen tree was blocking the way,” Sabotage explained in a post. PS Blog Update. “With Sea of ​​Stars, we set out to get as far away from tile-based movement as possible to create something that felt lighter and more fluid, while allowing for a more varied move set, while also providing more opportunities for players to interact with the environment during their adventures. We wanted the exploration to be as rich as the combat.”

For the demo, players can explore areas that will be part of the final game, various of the gameplay systems, and mechanics focused on dungeon crawling and combat. While PS Plus gets Sea of ​​Stars and several other games in August, will also lose some titles to make room. Next month, you can say goodbye to the Yakuza series and Borderlands 3.

Sea of ​​Stars is also coming to Xbox Game Pass next month as a day one release.

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