How Much Is Martina Navratilova Net Worth – Bio, Age, Net Worth & More?

How much is Martina Navratilova net worth? Biographyage, net worth and more – Navratilova is widely considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Martina Navratilova is worth $25 million. She has 18 Grand Slam singles titles, 31 women’s major doubles trophies and ten major mixed doubles titles to her name.

Who is Martina Navratilova?

Navratilova was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, on October 18, 1956. Her parents separated when she was three years old, and her mother, a talented tennis player and athlete, moved the family to Revnice. Martina’s mother remarried Miroslav Navratil in 1962 and adopted her surname. She was also her first tennis coach. She began playing tennis consistently at the age of seven and, at 15, she won the Czechoslovak national tennis tournament. She made her United States Law Tennis Association debut the following year when she was 16, but she still did not turn professional.

How much does Martina Navratilova earn per year?

Martina earned around $20 million in tournament prize money alone during her career. After inflation, that works out to about $33 million in today’s money. She also earned tens of millions of dollars from endorsements.

How many businesses does Martina Navratilova have?

In 1974, Navratilova won her first professional singles title in Orlando, Florida. The following year, she finished second at the Australian and French Opens. In 1975, she decided to flee communist Czechoslovakia and obtained her green card from the United States. She later became a United States citizen in 1981.

How many endorsement deals does Martina Navratilova have?

Martina will join the board of directors of LifeApps Brands. Tennis legend named to LifeApps board member Martina Navratilova will join the board of directors.

How many investments does Martina Navratilova have?

Navratilova’s financial success also stemmed from her business interests and investments. He established his own sports and fitness company, focusing on the production of fitness DVDs and other products. He has also made real estate investments in the United States and the Czech Republic.

How many charities has Martina Navratilova donated to?

Martina has supported the following charities below:

  • American Association of Retired Persons
  • Chris Evert Charities
  • Elton John AIDS Foundation
  • human rights campaign
  • Laureus Sport for Good Foundation
  • PETA
  • save the rhino

How many philanthropic works has Martina Navratilova supported?

She volunteers for various charities, including those that support animal rights, poor children, and gay rights. She has done public service announcements for PETA. She received the National Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign in 2000.

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