B2BinPay partners with Ledger to provide branded hardware wallets for its clients

B2BinPaya crypto payments company, announced a new joint venture with Ledger, the global digital asset platform.

The partnership between B2BinPay and Ledger allows clients to benefit from enhanced security for cryptocurrency transactions. The special edition Ledger Nano X provides users with a secure way to store and manage their digital assets, with a unique design that reflects the partnership between the two companies.

This is a way for B2BinPay to reward both its new customers and those who have been loyal to the company for a long time. By offering this incentive, B2BinPay shows its appreciation for its customers and encourages them to continue their loyalty.

To receive the hardware wallets, users need to enter the exclusive promotional codes provided by B2BinPay into Ledger’s designated page for this collaboration.

These limited-edition devices are only available in a quantity of 1,000, emphasizing their remarkable value and exclusive nature.

What is the ledger?

Ledger multi-currency devices provide a secure and reliable way to store private keys for cryptocurrency offline. With bulletproof security against hackers, easy asset management, and full transparency throughout the transaction process, these have long been trusted solutions in the industry.

B2BinPay customers can now rely on these high-level security standards when diversifying and managing their digital assets using Ledger devices.

About B2BinPay

B2BinPay is a platform that businesses can use to securely send, receive, and convert cryptocurrency while saving money. It supports all major cryptocurrencies and allows clients to convert them to their preferred format, be it fiat, currency, or stablecoin.

B2BinPay’s mission is to make cryptocurrencies accessible and convenient for widespread adoption. It is constantly working on refining its solutions to ensure secure payments and profitable exchanges for its customers.

By partnering with Ledger, B2BinPay is taking another step towards achieving its goal of becoming the go-to solution for businesses wanting to join the cryptocurrency revolution.

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