$1 Million Stolen: Armed Robbers Will Now Target Homes – Yammin

Ghanaians have been urged to not only consider the political implications of the disappearance of millions of dollars from Ms. Cecilia Dapaah’s home, but also to divert their minds from the security implications.

The advice was given by National Democratic Congress (NDC) national organizer Joseph Yammin, a barracks boy who graduated in security and intelligence from the Ghana Armed Forces staff college.

Speaking on Ultimate FM in Kumasi monitored by MyNewsGh.com, the former Ashanti regional deputy minister pointed out that Cecilia Dapaah keeps large sums of money in her house, which led her aides to steal more than a million dollars without her warning will force armed robbers to think that most Ghanaians, especially the wealthiest in society, are hoarding money at home and could be targeted for needless murder and rape.

“Ghana can never be serious under the NPP and Akufo-Addo. So do you know the security implications of what’s going on? Armed robbers will now target houses; now they have information that Ghanaians have money in their houses. Thieves will now think it’s safe to break into people’s homes for money.”

“Now they know it’s safer to burglarize people’s homes than to go chasing bullion trucks because bullion trucks, even if you’re successful, the money has serial numbers and you can easily trace it, but when they come to your house and take it away, it’s free,” he said.

Joseph Yammin cautioned that the Cecilia Dapaah situation should not be treated as a minor issue, as the security implications are dire.

“People’s houses are more liquid than banks, so what is happening is that armed robbers are being told to start moving into people’s houses looking for dollars, euros, cedis, pounds and you know what armed robbers do if they come and you don’t have the money, or they rape or kill you. This is a security issue and should not be left aside, ”he warned.

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