Rivers APC accuses Wike of intriguing to hijack party

Controversy over who gets the ministerial job in Rivers State has continued, with members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state now fighting some forces calling for the state’s immediate former governor, Nyesom Wike, to take charge. party leadership.

APC Rivers State Publicity Secretary Darlington Nwauju, speaking when he appeared as a guest on Arise Television on Sunday, said APC’s formation in the state has claimed the lives of several people, adding that it is unfair to reward a man who directed the affairs of the state when the party was facing many problems.

According to him: “We wrote to the president officially, explaining the situations surrounding the APC in Rivers State and also the romps of some senior members of the party with the immediate former governor of our state.

Now let me say this: the danger of having someone [in our party] who oversaw Rivers State while countless members of our party were brutally murdered is demeaning to us. We feel that it is an insult, that people who are not even members of our political party, start calling the immediate former governor to come take over our party or to be rewarded by our political party.

“We think this is too dismissive for a party that has had a very checkered history since 2014, and that the creation of APC in Rivers State has cost the blood of innocent people.”

He continued: “We cannot, as a political party in Rivers State, look in the face of the likes of the Adube family, the Chisom Lenard family, and several other individuals who were brutally murdered for belonging to the Congress of All Progressives in Los Angeles State. Rivers.

“What are we going to tell them? So for us, it’s not just a matter of morality. It is a question of whether our party is willing to set aside all known principles of self-respect. Is our party prepared to bear the burden of mocking and dancing on the graves of these innocent people?

He also alleged that Wike has sponsored people to campaign on his behalf to join and lead the APC in Rivers State.

“If you have been following the trends of things in the last few weeks, where the immediate past governor has sponsored people to campaign on his behalf, because we know that they are clearly campaigning on his behalf, asking him to come join APC and come lead APC,

“Does APC lack leadership? The APC has leadership. The APC is a well-structured political party in all 319 political districts.

“So for any group or individual to become a lobbyist overnight on behalf of the immediate former governor is very, very prosperous,” Nwauju said.

He further claimed that someone has been making ridiculous requests for the Rivers State ministerial position to be awarded to Wike.

“And the person I’m referring to is the former Governor’s Chief of Staff, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi. One Tony Okocha, who’s been going all over the place, campaigning and calling on the immediate past governor to take over our party structure.

“In fact, going to ridiculous levels of calling for the Rivers State ministerial position to be awarded to the immediate past governor. Now, I ask, what happened to the various qualified members of our political party? Am I not qualified to be a minister of the Federal Republic? he claimed.

Rivers APC accuses Wike of intriguing to hijack party

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