Threads confirms that several highly requested features are on the way

Threads is already working on adding a bunch of highly requested features. For those who have somehow missed it, Threads is a new Meta app which is directly related to instagram. It’s essentially Instagram’s answer to Twitter, allowing you to connect your Instagram to the app to import all your followers, profile, and other essentials, so you don’t have to start from scratch like other platforms. From there, it basically works like Twitter with a scrolling feed for text, images, and videos. Twitter is obviously not happy with the big competition, Threatens to sue Meta for poaching former Twitter employees who have access to trade secrets and sensitive information about the bird-themed app.

With that said, Threads it has room to grow, despite racking up 50 million users in 24 hours. Threads has many basic features that are missing for a social media platform. For starters, you can’t direct message anyone, there are no hashtags, there’s no ability to change the way things display on your timeline, etc. It’s missing a bit, possibly showing Meta’s eagerness to get the app out and compete with Twitter as it struggles to keep users happy. instagram and Head of Threads Adam Mosseri has been responding to user feedback on his own account and has noticed that a bunch of highly requested features are on the way. For starters, you’ll eventually be able to sort your timeline to see only the people you follow. Hashtags are also confirmed to be on the way. Mosseri also noted that while the mobile app is the priority, they are also working on a suitable web browser version.

As of now, there is no timetable for these things. Threads is in its infancy, so it has a lot to do to really catch up with Twitter from a feature perspective. Either way, the user base is there to show that it has real potential as long as Meta supports it.

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