Diablo Immortal’s New Blood Knight Class Is A First In The Entire Franchise

immortal devil The first new class, Blood Knight, is also the first new character class introduced to the larger Diablo universe since the release of Diablo III in 2012, when the franchise introduced the Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and Crusader into the mix.

Blizzard revealed the new class via a cinematic trailer as part of a developer update livestream. Diablo Immortal is free to play and the class is coming to Blizzard’s mobile ARPG on July 13 as a free update. The class has been teased for a long time, with a data mine of like early like last year offering clues as to what the game’s first new class would be.

Blood Knights are a supernatural melee hybrid class that are vampiric in nature. Blood Knights are warriors who have been bitten by vampires, but through the use of an ancient ritual, have not been completely consumed by the vampire’s curse. They do not age, can smell blood from miles away, and have supernatural strength and agility.

As shown in the trailer, Blood Knights can transform into powerful vampiric beasts to kill their enemies. It is a transforming ability that requires players to kill enemies to maintain the transformation and grants them new abilities. When not transformed, Blood Knights also wield halberds along with blood and shadow magic.

Diablo Immortal has a class change feature where players can convert an existing character into another class and keep all of their levels and stats. While there is normally a longer cooldown associated with switching classes, for the release of Blood Knight, players will be able to freely switch from one class to another so that players can try out the class.

The update will also introduce new items and events. Diablo Immortal recently celebrated its first anniversary, as well as the release of Diablo IV..

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