More Disney Lorcana Cards Revealed

eight more lorcana disney the cards have been revealed. This week, ravensburger went on a spoiler spree with several new card reveals from his upcoming lorcana disney card trading game Cards range from early game cards (such as Simba, Future King) to late game cards that can seal a player’s victory. You can check out the cards below, along with some initial analysis on what each card potentially brings to the decks. Be sure to check out the exclusive reveal of a new Donald Duck card earlier this week.

lorcana disney games are races to collect 20 Lore, which players collect by exerting their character cards on their turn. Characters accumulate knowledge equal to the number of knowledge symbols (diamond-shaped symbols) found on their card. However, exerted characters can also be “challenged” by the opponent’s characters, causing both the challenged card and the challenging card to take damage. When a character takes damage that exceeds his “Willpower” (a statistic represented by a number marked with a shield), he is kicked out of the game. Players ink summon cards, which are cards placed face down in an inkwell and can be used each turn to summon cards. Once a card enters the inkwell, it cannot be put into play, so players need to be strategic about which cards they use for ink.

Simba the future king

Simba the Future King is a 1-ink Steel card with 1 Strength and 2 Willpower. It is intended to be used early in the game and can help manipulate a starting hand by drawing a card and discarding a card when it is put into play. While we don’t have enough information to determine how many starting combos there are, Simba the Future King could help you get the right cards into his hands early on.


Ariel, Whoseit Collector


Ariel, Whoseit Collector is a 4-ink Sapphire card with 3 Strength and 3 Willpower. Her Look at this Stuff ability allows her to be ready whenever her player plays a card, potentially making her very powerful in decks that focus on item usage. Players can use her for quests and challenges twice in a turn when an item is played, or generate “free” Lore by having her quest then prime her with an item to prevent her from being challenged.


Peter Pan, Never Land


Peter Pan, Never Landing is a 3-ink Emerald card with 3 strength and 2 willpower. Peter Pan, Never Landing has the Evasive ability, which means it can only be challenged by other Evasive cards. While there are other ways to take out Peter Pan, Never Landing without challenging can be a potential source of multiple lore if an opponent doesn’t have a way to deal with multiple evasive characters.


Zeus, god of lightning


Zeus, God of Lightning is a 4-ink Amethyst card with 0 Strength and 4 Willpower. Zeus has both Rush and Challenger +4 abilities, meaning he can be used to challenge as soon as he comes into play, dealing an additional 4 Strength while challenging. This card seems to be suitable for quickly coming into play and banishing an opponent, though it seems that he often won’t be able to survive long enough to use the two Lore symbols on his card. One downside to Zeus, God of Lightning is that it cannot be used as an ink, which limits some of its usefulness.


Maui, Demigod


Maui, Demigod is an 8-ink steel card with 8 strength and 8 willpower. While he doesn’t have any abilities, he does have 3 Lore symbols, making him a potentially great way to finish off an opponent. Just like Stitch, Carefree Surfer, Maui, Demigod should be able to survive at least one round of play, which means he could spawn 6 Lore before being knocked out. Of course, the cost of 8 inks is quite a high cost, which could limit its use in decks.


Rapunzel letting her hair down


Rapunzel, Letting Down Her Hair is a 6 ink cost card with 5 strength and 4 willpower. The most notable part of this card is its Tangle ability, which causes an opponent to lose 1 knowledge when put into play. Ruby is one of the inks we’ve seen less of, but Rapunzel, Letting Down Her Hair is one of several Ruby cards revealed that puts an emphasis on Lore manipulation, suggesting that it could be a core feature of the Ink type.


Sven, Official Iceman


Sven, Official Ice Deliverer is a 6-ink Amethyst card. He has 5 Strength and 7 Willpower, but only 1 Knowledge and no abilities. This probably means that the card will be more useful as a way to remove opponents’ cards at the end of the game, although it is possible that the card will have more utility if there are Action or Item cards that enhance it due to its Ally keywords. or Born from history.


Stitch, carefree surfer


Stitch, Carefree Surfer is a 7-ink amber ink card. His Ohana ability allows a player to draw two cards when put into play, as long as a player has two or more characters in play. This is a valuable late-game ability, as it’s understandable for a player’s hand to shrink as the game progresses. 8 Willpower means that Stitch should be able to survive at least one round against most enemies, which means that he should be able to generate at least 4 Lore before being discarded.



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