Watch Aliya Naaz, Ishika Bose in Vaidya web series on Hunters app

The Hunters app continues to entertain the audience with its raunchy web series. This time, they came up with another exciting web series titled Vaidya on their official Hunters app. Vaidya’s web series focuses on the local doctor and the way he approaches his clients.

Watch Online Episodes Of Vaidya Web Series On Hunters App – Download The App Now!

Hunters app has launched Vaidya web series in two parts. Part 1 of the Vaidya web series contains 4 episodes of 20-25 minutes each. Also, the cast of the Vaidya web series includes Aliya Naaz, Ishika Bose, and Kamal Krishna in key roles.

The Hunters app is available as a free download for Android smartphones and Apple devices. Check its official website for more download links.

Vaidya Web Series Release Date

When will the episodes of this series be released? What is the date?

The Hunters app is enjoying great success with its slick list of web series. The fans are loving and even look forward to the next release every Wednesday. The recent release is the Vaidya web series which is streaming on the official OTT platform of the Hunters app from June 21, 2023.

Vaidya Web Series Cast: Who Are The Actors?

Vaidya Web Series Watch Online On Hunters App, Know Cast, Release Date, Plot

Hunters Vaidya Web Series Story: Which it is the plot? Episode review

Vaidya web series episode 5 picks up right where episode 4 ends when Sarita with her Bahu visits Vaidya’s clinic. She asked the mother to wait outside as the patient is not comfortable. Later, she misuses her powers and takes advantage of the unconscious woman.

Episode 7 of the Vaidya web series showed Ishika Bose visiting the Doctor while learning about his wrongdoings. However, to everyone’s surprise, she asked the doctor for another one night standing since she was not satisfied with the doctor.

While Ishika Bose’s mother-in-law caught her red-handed, she blackmailed her and asked to join her as well. Thus, we can see another exciting three-way romance where Ishika Bose started girl on girl action apart from jumping to Kamal Krishna as well.

Vaidya web series episode 8 brings an interesting twist where the niece once again forced the mother to get involved in a three way romance. The Vaidya web series is surprisingly another hit in the sequel to the Hunters web series. We want to see more of the Hunters app to offer interesting web series options.

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