Cross-access charging begins chargeEV, Gentari, JomCharge: 600+ EV chargers in Malaysia –

In March, gentari, Connection for electric vehicles and Yinson GreenTech announced that it had signed a tripartite agreement to allow cross-tracking and cross-access charging of electric vehicles (EVs) on its Gentari, JomCharge and chargeEV charging networks for June.

As scheduled, cross-access charging across all three platforms is now live in Phase 1 of the collaboration. The roaming agreement allows users of any of the Setel, JomCharge and chargeEV mobile applications to use chargers on all three networks nationwide.

In addition to facilitating the location and access to chargers from any collaborating platform, recharging payment has also been simplified, with a single payment and roaming system that manages all transactions.

LR: Setel, ChargeEV and JomCharge applications

Currently, the collaboration offers EV users access to a combined total of more than 600 EV charging points in Malaysia, or nearly two-thirds of all EV charging points in the country. This is an increase from the total declared in March, which was around 550 units, with Gentari having over 150 charging points, chargeEV nearly 300 charging points and JomCharge having 100 charging points.

In a Facebook post, chargEV said that in the first phase, its users will be able to access Gentari and JomCharge charging stations in the KLCC area, as well as XPark Sunway through its chargEV app. He added that users will gradually be able to access the total network of more than 600 chargers nationwide.

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