#BBNaijaReunion: Chichi leaks things Deji does behind the scenes (watch video) » NGNews247

A sneak peek from the #BBNaijaReunion shows Deji being outed by his former house lover, Chichi, for having double standards.

Chichi revealed that whenever she is with him behind closed doors, he usually acts like someone who wants to be with her.

He added that whenever they are in the public eye, Deji starts behaving as if there is a script that he follows and starts acting strange.

Chichi further revealed that in private, she even goes out of her way to fold and arrange her underwear, clean it, in addition to any other charming gestures.

However, when Deji heard this information, he cried out in surprise at the top of his lungs, as if to say that everything Chichi said is lies.

However, the reactions on social networks are supporting the ex-BBNaija match or deny any claim they are making.

One fan said that Chichi is telling a big lie and added that there was no time for him to help her with tasks of that nature.

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