Final Fantasy 16 Rumor Warns of “Panic” at Square Enix

According to a new rumor, there is a certain “panic” in Square Enix talking about final fantasy 16. More specifically, Square Enix, according to this rumor, is “slightly panicking” about the game’s pre-order numbers, which are reportedly lower than final fantasy 15 pre-order numbers. The report comes from insiders in the industry. Imran Khan, a source that has proven to be both trustworthy and unreliable in the past. According to Khan, the forecast takes into account the fewer rigs.

In addition to this, Khan passes on the word of final fantasy 7 sales, noting that while the remake sold “pretty well” at first, its sales slowed faster than Square Enix predicted.

“I bring this up because I recently heard that Square Enix is ​​panicking a bit over Final Fantasy sixteen pre-order numbers, they’re tracking behind final fantasy 15 even taking into account the smaller number of launch pads. Of course, those are pre-order numbers, and are typically only useful for measuring guaranteed first-day sales (versus potential first-day sales), so the actual number might surprise everyone. But with the current following, I wonder if they want to remind people of the next chapter of final fantasy 7 there is a new version of the trilogy and give it more marketing time than they had planned. The initial sales of Redo they were pretty good, but they slowed down faster than Square Enix seemed to expect, so I imagine they really want Renaissance to sell as well as possible. Well, of course they do, but I imagine they are really hoping for an increase in sales.”

Is any of this true? Who knows. That being said, even if it is, it doesn’t mean the game is in trouble. Pre-order numbers can be useful for measuring first-day sales, but not much else. Until now, final fantasy 16 seems destined to be a huge success for Square Enix. More importantly, the game looks and sounds great, which is all that matters to fans.

final fantasy 16 will be released worldwide on June 22, 2023. When it launches, it will be exclusive to the playstation 5and it will be exclusive to the platform for at least six months, if not longer, and potentially, much longer.


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