Former Cyberpunk and Witcher developers form new studio

A group of developers who worked on red project cd in games like The Wizard and cyberpunk 2077 They have formed a new studio. In the last decade, Polish developer CD Projekt Red has quickly become one of the most acclaimed studios on the market. The developer had been quietly raising the bar for years, but it really made a name for itself when it launched. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2015. The game was showered with awards, huge commercial success, and people were talking about the team at the same time as other RPG developers like BioWare and Bethesda. Although CD Projekt Red burned some of their goodwill with the release of cyberpunk 2077people have still been able to appreciate the game for what it is and recognize that the studio has worked hard to improve it since it came out.

That being said, some of the talent that made up that studio and gave us those great games have moved on to found their own team. The studio will be known as Blank and is already working on a new untitled project that is being described as a character-driven story set in the post-apocalypse with a “twist or two.” Blank aims to tell original and “new” stories that are not “clones” of other games players are already familiar with. The studio currently has about 10 people on staff and is looking to expand to 60 people in his studio in Warsaw.

“We are thrilled to announce Blank and to begin expanding our amazing team,” said Mateusz Kanik, Blank. Co-founder and director of the game. “After working for years in an increasingly conservative industry, we are ready to make bold and impactful projects that share our creativity and unique values. Where the industry stands for a dictatorship of the creative individual, we want to give ownership to the team. Where the industry stands “Standing in crunch culture, we prefer work/life balance. Where the industry says bigger is better, we’re setting our sights on highly polished games with a focus on emotion, story, and craft.”

As of right now, we have no idea how this will turn out. It will likely be many years before this project sees the light of day given how small the team is right now and how early everything seems to be. He does have a lot of talented people backing him though, which should allow them to do something pretty special.


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