When Alia Bhatt opened up about her relationship with stepsister Pooja Bhatt: ‘There is no fakeness in our relationship’ – Thelocalreport.in

Alia Bhatt is one of the three daughters of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. Before marrying Alia mother soni razdan, Mahesh was married to Kiran Bhatt and they had two children: Rahul and Pooja Bhatt. Pooja was an acclaimed actor in the 1990s and while people might have imagined that the relationship between the stepbrothers might not be very cordial, it is actually quite the opposite.

Alia, in an interview, in 2014, talked about her relationship with Pooja, saying that there is no “falsehood” in their relationship. “Actually, recently it has gotten much better. We have grown closer as a family. People always said that you have a stepsister, stepmother and all that, but it never bothered me,” she shared on the Anupam Kher Show.

She continued: “Because our family is so real and honest with each other. There is no facade or falsehood. So when we spend time together, we really like spending time together.”

Alia and Pooja have previously spoken about the circumstances of Mahesh and Kiran’s marriage falling apart. Alia told Asian Age: “My father met my mother because he had an extramarital affair. I’m not so black and white about life; Sometimes in life, things happen for a reason. Of course, you wouldn’t want to propagate infidelity and I don’t propagate it, but I understand human nature: it’s not always that easy and it’s something that prevails.

Pooja, however, told India Today that her parents’ marriage was “long dead” before Mahesh and Soni got together. “I grew up with a father who supposedly married someone else and had another family. I don’t feel that way. In fact, one day I was very moved. Soni and I were at a recce with Conoor and she was sitting outside and she said, ‘Pooja, I want to tell you I felt so guilty’ and I was like, ‘Soni, why do you need to feel guilty? You never broke up any marriage. That marriage was long dead.”

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