Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 5 Lets Players Add Multiple Player Houses

Disney Valley of Dreams Light‘s the fifth update is just around the corner. While it doesn’t have a firm release date, the developer gameloft has repeatedly hinted that we’ll see Update 5 sometime in June. Over the last week or so, the official Disney Valley of Dreams Light The Twitter account has been announcing some of the new features coming with the update. This includes things like new items and suggestions on which worlds we will visit next. Today Gameloft has revealed another new feature, this time showcasing the ability to add multiplayer houses to your valley.

Gameloft didn’t reveal much about what this change will actually do. It looks like you’ll be able to place multiple house skins in your valley, which means you won’t have to pick just one. That’s a nice feature, but it remains to be seen if each of these houses will be the same once you enter. If it’s just the same interior multiple times, that leaves much less room for players’ creativity to build different houses. That being said, it would allow you to place your home in multiple locations, giving you easier access while touring the Valley.

Of course, this is only part of Update 5. Gameloft promises in the tweet that it will reveal even more in the coming days. We hope they start to focus on the new characters coming to the Valley, which might give us a better glimpse of the next world. Either way, fans seem to be pretty excited about everything that’s been announced so far, which should mean that Disney Valley of Dreams Light‘s the fifth update is one of the best so far.

Again, we don’t yet know the exact date that Update 5 will be released in Disney Valley of Dreams Light. That being said, Gameloft seems to be aiming for sometime in June. With the team specifically saying they’ll have “a lot more to share” next week, we’d assume there’s an announcement soon. The release date for Update 4 was announced about a week before its release, so we expect a similar schedule for this update.


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