Bongo: Prof Avea’s vote-buying claims stemmed from painful defeat – NDC Secretary

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Upper East Region Secretary Donatus Akamukre has debunked the vote-buying claims of Professor Ephraim Nsoh Avea during the Bongo NDC parliamentary primaries, insisting that such practices have not drawn attention. of the party in the Upper East Region. and accusing him of making the accusations out of bitterness after his painful defeat.

Professor Avea, a highly respected academic and NDC heavyweight in the Upper East region, garnered 75 votes against Edward Bawah, who garnered 509 votes, and the winning candidate, Charles Bawadua, who garnered 535 votes. He was quick to accuse his contenders of vote buying, lamenting how he was denied access to delegates who had been ‘camped out’ by his opponents.

He detailed how his opponents doled out large sums of money to delegates ostensibly to get them to vote for him.

But speaking on Bolgatanga-based Dreamz FM, Mr Akamukre dismissed the allegations as being made in bad faith, as to him, the process in the Bongo constituency was credible.

“Us[ Upper East Region NDC] they are saying we don’t have that information on that topic [vote buying]. And that’s why we can’t act on it… When Adu Boahen lost the election, what did he say? He said it was a stolen verdict and the entire PNP and PNC were asked to stay away from the 1992 parliamentary elections.

So anytime there is an election and someone doesn’t win, similar accusations come up,” he said.

Meanwhile, Edward Bawah and Charles Bawadua, whom Professor Avea accused of buying votes, have yet to react to the accusations.

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