Watch Rezky Aditya Video Viral Online, Sparks Outrage On Twitter, Reddit

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Rezky Aditya viral video leak controversy

Before talking about the Rezky Aditya viral video, let us tell you who Rezky Aditya is. He is a famous actor from Indonesia.

About Rezky Aditya

Rezky Aditya was born in Jakarta on February 26, 1985. The Indonesian actor rose to fame through his performances in numerous soap operas including Cinderella and Cinta Fitri.

However, Popular Bio listed him as one of the most successful artists in Indonesia.

Talking about the actor’s social media presence, he has been active on social media where he has amassed thousands of followers including 10,800 followers on Twitter. Scroll down the page and read more details.

The aforementioned Indonesian actor has had a great journey in the world of entertainment. But he recently hit the news headlines due to a video that went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

In the video you can see the improper behavior of the actor towards a lady.

The actor’s viral video has reportedly caused a stir.

Drag down the page and learn more about the video.

Rezky Aditya’s viral video shows his impolite behavior towards a lady.

That is why the actor is feeling the heat of criticism and negative reactions on social networks.

In fact, some business deals and brands that worked with him before said they are not supposed to work with him after the video suddenly went viral on the internet.

However, the actor has issued a public apology for his actions but it seems the public is in no mood to forgive him.

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