NDC Primaries: My Contenders Camped Out And Watched Out Delegates Like Kids – Prof Avea

A former Upper East regional minister, Professor Avea Nsoh, has revealed that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary primaries in the Bongo constituency were characterized by monetary incentives and delegate campouts.

As a candidate for parliament in the recently concluded NDC primary in Bongo constituency, Professor Avea bemoaned what he described as insulting and disrespectful to party delegates when their contestants camped them out, gave them money and They confiscated the votes. prevent them from contacting him.

In an interview on Bolgatanga-based Dreamz Fm monitored by MyNewsGh.com, the failed parliamentary candidate accused his contenders Edward Bawa and Charles Bawadua of doling out money ranging from Ghc 500 to Ghc 1000 for each delegate.

“That day before, we may not even have known it on Thursday, my other colleagues went on a massive camping and incentive trip. They camped them and after that they gave them money like 1,000, the other person, 500 and the most annoying thing is that they kept them in that place, watching like children and sending my people there to monitor.
They watched them, pushed them and took their phones, and didn’t let them leave. They say ‘put your motor here, you have to go vote and come back to get your money and leave,’ he said.

He further indicated that due to the monitored incentives, the appetizing promises, the malicious falsehoods sold about him and the last-minute delegate camping by his contenders, he would have won the parliamentary primaries on May 23, 2023 in the Bongo Constituency. .

“That is corruption and very insulting to our delegates, very disrespectful. There is no way for the two Bawas to beat me even if you give them money and allow them to go out and vote. They couldn’t have hit me. It is not possible,” she added.

The former minister expressed concern about the level of monetization of politics in Ghana, particularly within the Democratic National Congress, which he hinted is an affront to the umbrella party’s tenets and principles as a mass party.

Bongo constituency lawyer Charles Bawadua’s elected NDC parliamentary candidate garnered 535 votes to win the domestic race.

Edward Bawa got 509 votes while Prof. Avea Nsoh got 75 votes.

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