Insider: Teen mom Jenelle Evans hides pain with ‘weatherproof smile’ amid tension with David Eason – The Insidexpress

According to a body language expert, Jenelle Evans and her controversial husband David Eason are an unlikely couple, and navigating their complicated marriage is like solving a Rubik’s cube for Jenelle. The expert also pointed out that Jenelle keeps the same “weatherproof smile” in all the photos of her, even when she is feeling unsettled. Over Easter, the Teen Mom alum posted a family photo in which she flashed her fixed smile and another series of photos with Eason enjoying drinks on a boat and hugging against the sunset. Fans commented on the photos, expressing her concern over her toxic relationship with Eason and hoping that she would find a good guy. However, Jenelle regained custody of her son Jace from her and posted a family photo with Eason, her other children Kaiser and Ensley, and Eason’s daughter Maryssa. The expert claimed that the couple’s body language does not show any compatibility, describing it as an “opposites attract” scenario. Jenelle seems determined to make the marriage work, as she heroically poses and forces him to go through with it all while maintaining a weather-resistant smile and a forensic sense of purpose. Eason, on the other hand, often looks awkward and hides behind his beard and sunglasses, though his markings are complex, moody, and moody, occasionally showing a glimpse of his teeth in a forced smile. The insider added that Jenelle leans into David as if he’s his trophy, but her posing energy is much less and his hugs are forced and awkward.


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