How Haruna Iddrisu taught Ras Mubarak the second Kumbungu ‘lesson’

Former Member of Parliament for the Kumbungu constituency in the Northern Region, Ras Mubarak, suffered a massive defeat in his bid to win back the seat in the 2024 general election after accusing Haruna Iddrisu of meddling in the election.

Incumbent Member of Parliament Professor Hamza Adam polled five hundred thirty eight (538) votes to defeat Mubarak who polled three hundred seventy nine (379) votes, a second straight loss for the former legislator from the same opponent.

The other contenders in Saturday’s parliamentary primaries from the opposition National Democratic Congress include: Soalihu Aliyu Malba, 21 votes, Mohammed Abdul Ganiyu Shitu, 5 and Rashid Muhammad 22.

Last year, Ras Mubarak openly criticized former parliamentary minority leader Haruna for meddling in the Kumbungu constituency’s internal elections. Ras Mubarak in a Facebook post attacked Haruna Iddrisu, who is also an MP from Tamale South.

According to the former deputy, there is a deliberate attempt by the minority leader to meddle in the party’s internal elections in constituencies that are outside his jurisdiction.

“Those who think they can sit in their constituencies and interfere in internal elections in other people’s areas should think again. Party elders have long watched Haruna Iddrisu for creating trouble in the region. You are asking who is the candidate of Ras Mubarak for the constituency elections. It’s not intelligence, it’s cowardice,” he wrote.

In what seems like a strong warning to the minority leader, Ras Mubarak has warned Haruna Iddrisu to stay out of internal party affairs inside Kumbumgu as no such move will be taken lightly.

“Others can take it lying down. I won’t. I take no prisoners. The party is for everyone. You would stay in your constituency and go about your business there. Do you want to control NDC by determining who gets what and where? Not in Kumbungu. Back off in Kumbungu and mind your business Mr Minority Leader,” he added.

Ras Mubarak represented the people of Kumbumgu in the NDC bid from 2017 to 2021.

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