Zelda Players Torture Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are showing off their increasingly innovative torture methods in backpacking Koroks. The Koroks are back The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom they’re back, hiding in every nook and cranny in both Hyrule and the Sky Islands that don’t rest on the mainland. There are several new variations of the Korok puzzles for players to solve, including ones that involve helping a tired Korok carry a large backpack to his friend a short distance away.

Koroks are somewhat controversial among Zelda fans, largely because they don’t contribute much to Zelda’s plot. breath of the wild and your rewards may or may not be your fecal matter. And with hundreds of Korok to find in breath of the wild (and even more in Tears of the Kingdom), many players have some pent up frustration against these little Children of the Forest.

Thanks to the large backpacks they carry, the Koroks can be manipulated using the Ultrahand and Recall abilities in Tears of the Kingdom That means they can be attached to various gadgets and constructs in the game… which bodes ill for those poor Koroks looking to take advantage of the lull brought about by Calamity Ganon’s destruction in Breath of the wild. When these Koroks were booking hostels in Kakariko Village to prepare for their two-week backpacking trip to find themselves, they probably didn’t expect to snag a giant robot underneath what appears to be a large turgid flamethrower tied to the groin of the robot. Unfortunately, that’s what they get for asking for help from a crazy man with a magical goat-man hand and no patience for your lazy antics. And while the Koroks are indestructible, it’s unclear what happens when you strap ten rockets to their back and fire one at the moon.

These are some of the most innovative Korok tortures we’ve seen on the internet.


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