EA Sports teases a new baseball game

EA Sports is teasing a new baseball game. Sports games are part of the most dominant genre in the gaming industry. Even though they don’t really have a lot of major differences from year to year, they appeal to a very casual audience, are easy to understand, and have an incredibly fun gameplay loop. However, only a few publishers are aware of the genre. ea sports has dominated with football and soccer, 2K has a stranglehold on basketball, wrestling, and most recently golf, and Sony managed to largely scare everyone else with its MLB games despite that 2K and EA used to dabble in baseball at one point. With that being said, EA Sports seems to be interested in returning to the sport.

A few years ago, EA acquired the developer that creates Super Mega Baseball, a series that is much more arcade than simulation-based. MLB the show series. Since then, EA has been working closely with Metalhead Software to try and get into the baseball part of the sports genre. As of right now, we don’t know exactly what it will be like, but we will know very soon. It has been confirmed that Super Mega Baseball 4 will get its first look on May 2 and the developers took to Reddit to chat a bit about what the game will look like under EA. The team noted that EA has supported and championed the developer’s vision for the franchise, but they’ve been allowed to make it bigger and better thanks to the publisher’s vast resources. They also confirmed that they have no plans for in-game monetization, something EA has been criticized for in other franchises. you can see the full reddit post below.

A Super Mega Update
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As of now, it sounds like Super Mega Baseball 4 it will probably remain an arcade counter from MLB The Show. Admittedly, there wouldn’t be much point in trying to go head-to-head with Sony on that, since they largely dominate in that area. However, it remains to be seen what a game like this will look like with EA’s support behind it.

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