Chevrolet Bolt, the cheapest electric car in the US, retires to make way for the Hummer EV

It turns out that buyers in the US don’t want a cheap electric hatchback so much as a huge battery-powered pickup truck.

One of the cheapest and most efficient electric cars made and sold in the US: the chevrolet bolt The hatchback, which starts at $26,500, will go out of production after just five years to make way for a battery-powered Hummer EV and other full-size trucks and SUVs.

American auto giant General Motors has announced that the Chevrolet Bolt will reach the end of the line later this year.

It will usher in increased production of full-size electric pickup trucks and SUVs from General Motors brands like Chevrolet, GMC and Hummer.

A US transportation policy expert, David Zipper, a visiting fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School in Massachusetts, USA, criticized GM’s decision to favor more cost-effective electric vehicles over more efficient ones.

Removing the Chevrolet Bolt to make way for more Hummer EVs was “a step backwards in road safety, emissions mitigation, and EV affordability” and “widens inequities and slows (vehicle fleet) electrification.” “, wrote the expert in Twitteradding that it would keep electric vehicles “out of the reach of all but the wealthy Americans.”

The ax fell on the Chevrolet Bolt even though sales had been on the rise, reporting 38,000 examples sold last year and accounting for nine out of 10 electric cars sold by General Motors.

The Chevrolet Bolt was introduced nearly 20 years after General Motors built a total of approximately 1,100 examples of its original EV1 vehicles, the subject of the documentary film. Who killed the electric car? – in the late 1990s.

Yet despite the relative success of the Chevrolet Bolt, General Motors says it aims to build more than 600,000 electric-powered trucks and full-size SUVs at the same Detroit facility starting next year, and is on track to produce 400,000 vehicles this year. year.

By 2025, the largest US automaker says, it expects to build more than 1 million full-size electric pickup trucks and SUVs.

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