US should reassess its massive aid programs to the Middle East –

In the trove of classified documents leaked to various social media outlets, there are major revelations about intelligence assessments of the course of the Russian war against Ukraine. But there are also important footnotes about Egyptian plans to make and ship 40,000 rockets to Russia. Egypt’s perfidy — if, despite denials, Cairo plans to help arm Russia — is a major wake-up call for Washington. It is time to reassess the sinecure of massive US foreign and military assistance to the Middle East.

Three successive administrations have planned a “pivot” away from the Middle East in favor of more attention to great power threats. And after decades of American commitment to solving regional problems: peace between Israel and the Palestinians; peace between Israel and the Arabs; Iran’s nuclear program; Islamist extremism and terrorism: The Biden administration has officially stepped aside, cementing the decline of American influence in both the Levant and the Persian Gulf. Strangely though, US aid programs have not failed, with billions of dollars still flowing, mostly to Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

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