This tote bag completely changed the way I travel, and Oprah loves it

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I have always considered myself quite skilled in the art of packing. I stopped checking baggage a long time ago and now always opt for a handbag if the trip is two days or two weeks. However, one of the things I’ve learned about packing for a week-long trip (or more) in a single carry-on is that the key to making it all work is mastering the art of the personal item. We all know by now that all airlines allow one free personal item (a purse or backpack, usually) in addition to a carry-on bag.

Over the years, I used various handbags and backpacks and purses, trying to find one that had everything I needed and was just as comfortable resting on top of a rolling suitcase as it was on my shoulder. I found many options that worked well, but it wasn’t until I received Calpak Luka Duffel Bag as a gift that I realized how much I could up my game of personal items.

Functionally speaking, the best thing about this padded duffel bag is its different compartments. There are so many (nine to be exact, but who’s counting?) that I sometimes forget about some of them. There are multiple zippered pockets within the bag for chargers or headphones, all of which are easy to reach for access on the go. There’s a side compartment for a reusable water bottle, so you always have a way to hydrate when you’re on the go. There’s even a built-in storage compartment for shoes (the best part, in my opinion) at the bottom of the bag. In terms of design, the straps are long enough to rest comfortably and securely on your shoulder, and there’s a detachable longer strap that comes in handy too. Apart from all the organizational aspects, however, the the tarpaulin is also big enough Packing a crossbody bag right before you board the plane is, in my experience, the easiest way to get around the one personal item rule.


Furthermore, it is specifically designed to travel well, with a cover on the back to slide it over the handle of your hand luggage with wheels and dimensions that allow it to fit perfectly under the seat of an airplane. I even took out my crossbody bag and put it on top or next to the duffel while it was under the seat and still It had space to store everything comfortably underneath. The bottom line is that the bag isn’t just a duffel bag that doubles as the perfect personal item for air travel. Was made to travel, and as soon as you use it, you will notice. Boarding a plane can be a stressful experience, and there are enough things to worry about (turbulence, sitting next to a complete stranger, delays, etc.) without also having to worry about whether or not your personal item will fit comfortably in the aisle. . or under your seat. This bag eliminates all one of those stressors for me, even if it didn’t have useful organizational compartments, that alone would make it worth it to me.

But hey, if you don’t believe me, there’s another person who just happens to be a big fan of the bag: Oprah, who previously put the bag on one of her Favorite things lists for the holiday season. But while Oprah’s approval and love of Luka’s duffel bag is probably reason enough to convince you to buy it, it’s also why every color in the bag keeps selling out over and over again, a common reaction when something is named as one of Oprah’s favorite things.

Luckily for all of us, though, there’s a waiting list to be notified of when exactly the bag is back in stock, which means a restock is coming soon and your 2023 travels will be that much better.

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