Kris Jenner’s Approach to Aging and Parenting: Expert Reveals Her Unconventional Views on Aging and Family Roles – The Insidexpress

According to a psychologist, Kris Jenner is failing in her role as a grandmother and is motivated by the fear of getting old and feeling “past”. The Kardashian family matriarch has twelve grandchildren, but she has been accused of leaving some of them out on special occasions in the past. Although she Kris claims to remember all the names and birthdays of her children, she has a hard time remembering all the details of her grandchildren. The psychologist suggests that Kris’s behavior stems from a desire to avoid the traditional role of grandmother for her, which makes her feel “old”. Despite her controversial approach to being a grandmother, Kris has succeeded in building her family’s billion-dollar empire and she continues to date her youngest boyfriend, Corey Gamble. The psychologist argues that embracing the role of grandmother to her and taking care of her grandchildren might actually help Kris feel younger and more energized.


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