Fortnite Leakers Claim The Last of Us Collaboration Could Happen

FortniteCollaborations have become one of its biggest attractions, and the developer epic games continue to look for new characters and skins to bring to the game. According to a new report from @NotPaloLeaks (via @ShiinaBR), Donald Mustard was asked at an event about the possibility of a cross between Fortnite and The last of us, with Mustard replying that it “possibly could happen in the future”. That’s certainly not a guarantee, and readers should take this with a grain of salt pending an official announcement. However, it’s not hard to imagine Joel and Ellie appearing in the game, as well as other content based on The Last of Us!

@ShiinaBR’s Tweet can be found embedded below.

If Joel and Ellie appeared in Fortnitethey would not be the first game station own characters to receive their own skins. Kratos’s God of War has been available before, as has Aloy from horizon zero dawn and Forbidden Horizon West. There’s clearly a precedent set for this sort of thing, and the popularity of The Last of Us seems to fit the bill perfectly. It probably would have made more sense to cast it while the HBO series was airing, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a bad time to deliver this kind of crossover either! While all of these characters are owned by PlayStation, FortniteSkins aren’t exclusive to a particular platform, which means players on Switch and Xbox would also have the chance to use Joel and Ellie.

For now, Fortnite fans will just have to wait and see how things play out! Fortnite it offers so many different collaborations that even when Donald Mustard ends up sparking something, it can take months or even years to pay off. With that in mind, if we do finally get a collaboration based on The Last of Us, fans might end up waiting until season 2 airs before it happens!

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