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A BUSTY fashion pro has revealed her winning look for big-boob-approved swimwear.

Her sleek bikini fitted her figure perfectly and although a bit revealing, she said she loved the style.

Lara Rosenthal is a content creator and founder of ‘Big Boobie Bible’, a fashion blog for busty women.
Credit: TikTok/bigb00biebible

Lara Rosenthal (@bigb00biebible) was shown in a black bikini in a video posted on TikTok.

The swimsuit was crossed over the front of her torso, giving a unique take on the basic black bikini.

The swimwear line has a band size from 32 to 38, which posed a bit of a problem for Lara, who normally wears a 30-inch band size.

“I usually have a 30G in my bras, so I tried to make my sister size and a smaller cup size in the back,” she said.

After opting for a 32F for the bikini top, she said it left very little to the imagination.

“I would say I would probably like a little more coverage up front,” he said.

The fashionista revealed that even though the sizing was a bit off, the bikini was still a win in her book.

“But I love the bikini top,” she gushed.

He emphasized the comfort of the top, which is often difficult for busty women.

“What I love is that there is no neck strain,” she shared.

Lara tried on the $49 Pour Moi Fuller Bust Space black wraparound underwire bikini top.

The video was produced as part of a body positivity movement on TikTok.

More women are opening up about their different body shapes on social media.

Clothing brands are taking note of the demand from fashionistas by offering wider size ranges.

From big-tit-approved tops to bikinis, ladies of all shapes and sizes are stepping out in their best looks as the weather warms up.


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