ASK IRA: So when does ‘We’re No. 18!’ of Heat? cant start after project blind luck?

Q: Ira, why all the fuss about the Heat’s position in the draft? They are not going to use the beak. This isn’t the draft, it’s the playoffs: Harmon.

A: Because while the Heat may not end up with a first-round pick added to next season’s roster, they do at least establish a starting position. Many trades for the Heat, including a potential trade for Tyler Herro, can’t be completed until the start of the new salary schedule in July, so it’s possible the Heat will exercise the pick in June and then move that pick. I agree that for a team that is in winning mode now, that has yet to develop Nikola Jovic, there is only a lot of time for childish things. The draft decision could very well come down to how the Heat see the future of Orlando Robinson, Jamal Cain and perhaps even Omer Yurtseven. But for now, look at it this way, even going into the playoffs, the Heat are only four picks away from where they probably would have ended up if they were instead knocked out in the entry round and went to the lottery.

Q: Erik Spoelstra will start Duncan Robinson and have a short leash. Don’t forget Bubble Duncan was our starter in the 2020 Finals. If he’s taking the shots on him, we can hide him on defense. – TO

A: I’m not exactly sure how you hide Duncan Robinson against a team that features Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday on the wings, especially if Giannis Antetokounmpo is available for Game 2 on Wednesday night, especially when Max Strus also starts. If Giannis is available, another option to replace sidelined Tyler Herro in the starting lineup could be to start Kevin Love and have him defend Brook Lopez. You can then see if Kevin provides the necessary 3-point shots and work from there.

Q: This team is lacking in size and we have limited big guys, but the ones we do have, Erik Spoelstra doesn’t really play, guessing because they lack speed. What will it take to get some big men who can win playing time in Spo’s system? Alonzo Mourning had PJ Brown. But every year Bam Adebayo has to learn to play with a new power forward, or this year without a power forward. – John, Ocala.

A: First, you can’t compare the pairing of Alonzo Mourning and PJ Brown to today’s game. Totally different time in terms of play style. But Erik Spoelstra has shown what it would take to play a true big man alongside Bam Adebayo, and that’s a proven range of 3-pointers in a package with enough height to play center defensively. He had that with Meyers Leonard and Kelly Olynyk when they played alongside Bam.


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