Alan Wake 2 “Pretty Far Away” According to a New Report

It’s been a while since remedy entertainment revealed some new information about alan stele 2and some fans could be forgiven for thinking it could have moved to a 2024 release. However, it sounds like that might not be the case, as xboxEra co-founder @Shpeshal_Nick recently addressed the game on Twitter, stating that he heard that the game is “quite far along” and that players can expect to see “a true next-gen showcase.” That would seem to line up with what was revealed about the game. in a February investor reportand it bodes very well for a release this year!

@Shpeshal_Nick’s Tweet can be found embedded below.

As @Shpeshal_Nick alludes to in the Tweet, alan stele 2 is being published by epic games. The first Alan Wake it was a critical success, but initially struggled to find an audience, which is why it took so long to release a sequel. Epic Games involvement could help alan stela 2 find a much larger audience and players who missed the first Alan Wake you can always check out the remaster, which was released on game station and Xbox platforms in 2021.

It will be interesting to see exactly when alan stele 2 ends up letting go! Unfortunately, Remedy Entertainment or Epic Games haven’t mentioned a release window beyond “2023,” leaving fans wondering exactly when they could expect to see it. At this point, 2023 is more than a third of the way through and many of the big summer releases have already been announced. Both companies would likely prefer to leave some time between the release date announcement and the actual launch, so the holiday season seems like the strongest possibility. For now, fans will just have to wait patiently to see what is revealed. Fans have been waiting since 2010 to see a proper sequel to the game, so a few more months shouldn’t be too difficult!

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