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LINK: 70mai Omni X200 – from RM599

70mai now offers the Omni X200 dashcam in Malaysia. It looks pretty much like any other dashcam, shaped more like an egg-shaped external CCTV camera than the typical dashcam design we’re used to. It’s also available in a striking red and beige design instead of the typical black or grey.

The key unique selling point of the 70mai Omni X200 is the fact that the camera lens can be moved. The section that the camera is mounted to can rotate 360 ​​degrees (well, technically 340 degrees), so it can even rotate inwards to face the driver.

The camera has a 140 degree f/1.5 field of view with an OS2K10 sensor, with a resolution of 1920x1080p and a frame rate of 60 fps. There is also a small 1.2-inch screen on the device.

The Omni’s microphone is not only used to record sound for video, but can also be used to give voice commands, for example to capture a video.

In addition to using the mobile camera to record a vlog by turning it to face the driver, it can also move to track people passing by the car while it is parked.

Speaking of parked, to make it work while parked you’ll need to purchase the 4G Wiring Kit to connect it to your car’s fuse box. And you’re right that the name is quirky, it looks like the wiring kit has a 4G cellular modem and adds the ability to add a SIM card so you can access the dashcam remotely.

You can buy the 70 mai Omni X200 for RM599 with 32GB of storage or add the 4G Wiring Kit for RM779. Buy it through the following link.

LINK: 70mai Omni X200 – from RM599

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