Sega Dreamcast Gets a Hallmark Souvenir Ornament This Year

while the Dreamcast was a commercial failure for Sega, the system has gained great appreciation in the decades since its original release. This year, fans of the company’s latest console will be able to decorate their Christmas tree or games shelf with a Contrast Keepsake ornament inspired by the Dreamcast. Like Hallmark’s Sega Genesis ornament, the Dreamcast option will feature lights and sounds. In this case, players can expect music from the original. sonic adventure, although it is currently unclear which track. The Dreamcast controller’s VMU screen even features an image of Sonic!

The controller will currently be released on October 14. The placeholder page can be found on the Hallmark website right here, and will cost $22.99. An image of the ornament can be found below.

(Photo: Hallmark, Sega)

Released in 1999, the Dreamcast was the successor to the Sega Saturn. A series of major bugs had the Saturn struggling against the Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation, but the Dreamcast seemed like a big step in the right direction. Sales of the console started strong in North America and the platform received a number of games that would become classics, including sonic adventure 2, Crazy Taxiand Skies of Arcadia. Unfortunately, Sega couldn’t compete with the PlayStation and Nintendo, and the Dreamcast lasted less than two years on the market. After the Dreamcast, Sega would become a third-party publisher, and the company had mixed feelings about seeing characters like Sonic on Nintendo systems at first.!

These days, the Dreamcast is considered by many to be one of the best video game systems of all time, and many of its best titles continue to receive new iterations on modern platforms.. The idea of ​​the Dreamcast getting a Hallmark Christmas ornament would have been unthinkable 20 years ago, but it speaks volumes about how much perception of the system has changed. While the Dreamcast is long gone, its memory is not forgotten.

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