Mike Tyson reveals the opponents he is willing to face in a fight

Mike Tyson is widely considered one of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time. We’re sure you didn’t need us to tell you. In general, his credentials speak for themselves. He was feared in the ring as one of the hardest punchers in history.

Tyson is now content to run his cannabis business while producing an extraordinarily successful podcast. This triumph has been entertaining to watch, and there is no doubt that fans are eager to learn about the legend’s future plans. After all, he did fight Roy Jones Jr. in 2020.

However, that fight against Jones Jr. was ultimately overshadowed by Jake Paul’s knockout of Nate Robinson. Regardless, Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson put on a great show, and the match ended in a draw. Subsequently, fans have been clamoring for a rematch. Also, there was a feeling that Tyson would fight Evander Holyfield. Unfortunately, that fight ended up falling apart due to a dispute over money. With all of that being said, there seems to be a real appetite to see Iron Mike fight again.

Mike Tyson speaks

While being interviewed by TMZ, Tyson discussed the possibility of another fight. As you can see in the video above, he’s open to anything. However, it would have to be for the right price. In fact, he’d fight anyone, though Jones Jr. and Holyfield are solid, valuable options. “When I see the people of the money for the end of the product, my mind works clearer. I can’t express myself financially right now,” Tyson admitted. Needless to say, there’s at least some convincing left to do.

Overall, the appetite for a Mike Tyson fight is still there. However, someone will have to drop the bag for it. Considering how much these YouTube stars are making, surely someone will spend some money to see Tyson fight someone.

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