Edo: Okundaye condemns complementary survey and calls for cancellation

From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

A Labor Party leader in Edo state, Oghogho Okundaye, condemned the additional elections held in different parts of the state as a sham.

The Labor Party leader, while joining other stakeholders in calling on INEC to cancel the various elections and call for another rerun, said what was said to be an election was a disgrace to the electoral system which again dragged the system down. voting in the stone age .

Okundaye, who alleged that the alleged arbitrators conspired with the ruling party in the state to deny voters their wishes, expressed disappointment with the entire process.

He said that Labor Party candidates in the various fields were not only intimidated but their votes were moderated, thus turning their victory to the advantage of their opponent.

Mentioning specifically the replay in Oredo East, the Egor House of Assembly and the Orhionmwon and Uhunmwonde federal constituency by-elections, Okundaye said it has again shown that the determination and commitment of the majority of the electorate in the election of their representatives has been trampled on by the INEC. .

The Edo State Labor Party leader, while frowning at the development, said that no country can move forward with this kind of farce called an election, especially now that most progressives are developing an interest in ensuring that the old narrative is replaced by the new one that was the foundation of the Edo State who fought for its creation years ago.

Aligning himself with the presentations of both the state and national presidents, Okundaye explained that for the INEC to regain the trust of the people, it must urgently cancel the election and call for another repetition.

He also praised the zeal of some of the youth who did their best to resist all forms of oppression and intimidation from those who were supposed to defend the country’s growing democracy.

In addition, he asked them not to lose hope since all the problems will be corrected in the not too distant time.

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