Dead Island 2 Launch Trailer Revealed Ahead of Launch

Ahead of its release later this week, the launch trailer for dead island 2 has been revealed today. Originally announced in 2014, the trip to dead island 2 it’s been a long and arduous one for fans of the 2011 open-world game. Thankfully, Deep Silver never ended up leaving the project entirely, which has now led to its launch trailer coming in the final push towards release.

Revealed today on social media and YouTube, the launch trailer for dead island 2 gives us one of our best looks at the action-packed sequel. Like previous gameplay videos that have been shown, the launch trailer continues to highlight the game’s new Los Angeles location, which is where the entirety of DI2 It is established. It also gives us a look at some of the many weapons and abilities that players will be able to use to take down zombies, while also shedding a bit more light on the narrative of the line.

You can check the dead island 2 launch trailer in the tweet attached below:

“Los Angeles is under lockdown and the military has withdrawn. Only you and the handful of others who are resistant to the pathogen have the future of the city (and humanity) hanging in the balance,” reads the game’s official description. . “dead island 2 it’s stylish, vibrant, and awash with zombie infection. Explore iconic and blood-soaked Los Angeles. Meet larger than life characters. Kill countless enemies in exquisitely gory detail. And evolve to become the ultimate Zombie Slayer!”

dead island 2 it will finally be released later this week on April 21st. When released, it will be playable everywhere game station 5,playstation 4, xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and personal computer through the Epic Games Store.

Are you planning to pick up dead island 2 for you this week? And what do you think of the new launch trailer for the game? Be sure to let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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