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Nollywood film actor and producer, Lateef Adedimeji he has been overwhelmed with love when he breaks into the University of Lagos.

Days after his colleague Wumi Toriola visited the school, the movie star made an appearance to the delight of the students.

Lateef was one of the celebrity guests at the school’s annual ‘Madam Tinubu salon week’.

A video he shared online captured him visiting the school to the delight and joy of the students.

Overwhelmed by the enormous love he received, Lateef Adedimeji I thanked them for the warm reception.

“About yesterday at the University of Lagos (Madam Tinubu room week). I thank you for having me. So much love and respect I have for all of you. Thank you very much Dr. Mrs. Bimbo Manuel”.

Lateef Adedimeji shares the story of Grass to Grace

Lateef Adedimeji, months ago reflected on his humble beginnings.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, the talented actor revealed that he was once paid N5000 for a leading role.

Lateef revealed that his life journey and story have never been easy, but his inner spirit of Abeokuta and Lagos never gave up.

He said that he was just a helpless young man who did his thing and made people laugh without wanting to. The unintentional act opened doors for him when he was picked up at the high school by a non-governmental organization.

“A little story of “NA WHO GIVES UP SHIT”

The journey and story of my life was never easy, but this boy born in Abeokuta and raised in Lagos never gave up!

Memories of the beginning, when the trip began. I was just a helpless young man who does his thing and unintentionally makes people laugh, to the point that I was picked up in high school by a non-governmental organization whose main objective is to educate young people mainly through acting, dance and music. Memories of when I gained admission to the university and still didn’t give up, I remember the days that I missed classes to follow this dream of mine. By the year I graduated from UNI 2007/2008, this stubborn kid was still not giving up.

Memories of the days when I borrowed money to go to a movie set and clothes to wear on set even though I wasn’t paid, I remember begging for money and food to survive.

Memories of the many times I was rejected and insulted. Ridiculed and harassed that ACTING is not my career and that I will never make it in this field of my choice.

I remember the times I almost gave up on myself and my career. I remember crying non-stop and telling myself that it was better to die. Memories of the times I walked for hours to get to the set and rehearsals when I had to be a cameraman. Wash Oga’s cars.

Then the times I finally started getting paid 1k, 2k and 5k for a lead role. I remember receiving payments with such joy, happiness and gratitude.

This journey of me being just a little kid with big dreams to become the Superstar I am today has come with many challenges and untold stories. Someday I will tell the whole story to inspire one or two.

I am grateful to God for the journey here, for his grace and mercy.

This little story of mine is to let you know that your dreams are valid. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through right now. As long as you don’t give up, you will get there. It can take time and I know that waiting is not easy. But hold on and keep doing your best. You will make it, God will come for you and you will have the last laugh.

Happy birthday in advance to me.”

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