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The game dark and darker continues to be plagued by problems due to his legal battle with Nexon. They recently released the Alpha Revision #5 1, which fixes many issues with the recent version. The game was made available via torrent, however even this ran into issues as they were forced to remove the details from their Discord, and Twitter removed the tweet containing the information. To once again circumvent these issues, they are using the Base64 code to disguise a link to the download.

The following details were published in the dark and darker official Discord server.

  • Wear to get the links to download the play test and the patch.
  • Copy only one code at a time and then “Decode” to get the official link.
  • Use “AUTO DETECT” when selecting source character set

Darker and Darker Playtest 5


Review #1


In the first patch, ‘The Ruins’ has been modified to become a single layer dungeon. The ‘Normal’ and ‘High-Roller’ dungeons within ‘The Ruins of Forgotten Castle’ have been renamed ‘The Howling Crypts’ and returned to their original appearance. This hotfix fixes several issues, including a bug that caused players to get stuck in endless matchmaking when a server list was not chosen, and another issue that prevented Bard’s Tranquility from healing players effectively.

Additionally, the update fixes issues related to arrows and bolts not being able to be sold in the shop, and unintentional stacking of Jokester, Holy Aura, and Slayer. Another fixed issue involved the flashlight staying lit when worn at the waist. Cosmetic changes have been made, such as turning blue light yellow and removing fog from dungeons.

In-game tweaks include altering rest to only restore recoverable health, and modifying Achilles Strike duration from 2 seconds to 3 seconds, with a movement speed reduction of -10% instead of -40%. Additionally, Shield Slam’s movement speed reduction has been increased from -10% to -20%. Hunting traps now have a longer duration and skill checks are performed more frequently. Finally, Japanese language support has been re-enabled.

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