Brian Greene useless and obituary, professor of physics and arithmetic

The Columbia Center for Theoretical Physics is directed by Professor Greene, a figure highly acclaimed for his progressive discoveries in the principle of superstrings. His advances span the discovery of spatial topology change and the joint discovery of mirror symmetry.

Through his best-selling books and numerous media appearances, including appearances on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Charlie Rose, Professor Greene has become a popular figure with the general public. The Washington Post once described it as the best thinking in the world for illuminating advanced ideas. He, too, has garnered accolades for his work, including a George Foster Peabody Award for the miniseries “The Elegant Universe with Brian Greene” featured on NOVA.

In 2008, the World Science Competition was co-founded by producer Tracy Day and Greene, who has had bit parts in Hollywood movies like The Final Mimzy, Maze, and Frequency. Also, the director of Columbia’s theoretical physics core is Greene.

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