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It is not the best! ben affleck He hilariously recalled being cast in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, revealing that his performance was “so bad” it had to be dubbed in someone else’s voice.

“The most humiliating thing was one of my previous roles, I got a line, I had just moved to Los Angeles, I got a line in a movie and I was playing a basketball player. It was a little movie called Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Affleck, 50, shared during his appearance Thursday, April 13, on The Late Late Show With James Cordon, referring to the 1992 movie that inspired the hit TV series. “I was playing basketball when a werewolf or vampire ran by and I got scared, because it’s scary, and I said, ‘Take the ball!’ or something like that. And I thought my work was good. I was feeling it. I was genuinely afraid.”

The Justice League star shared that he was asked to direct the scene “a bunch of times,” but he chalked it up to the director. Fran Rubel Kuzui being “rigorous” until he went to see the movie himself, and realized something wasn’t quite right.

“I went and saw the movie with some friends and it sounded so different,” he joked. “And I realized at that moment that they rerecorded my lines. It was so bad they needed me to be in the scene, but the director said, ‘I can’t hear the voice again!’ They had to pay someone to come and say, ‘Hey man, take it. Because apparently, I couldn’t say that convincingly enough.”

While it wasn’t his finest hour, Affleck, who is currently promoting his latest movie Air, showed he had a sense of humor about the incident, joking that the dubbing “sounds like chris tuckeras host james corden played a fragment of the film.

The Massachusetts native, who has since proven his talents in critically acclaimed films including Good Will Hunting, Agro, Dogma and more, is used to taking his less impressive movie moments in stride. In January 2022, he told Entertainment Weekly that he was grateful for his role in 2002’s Gigli, in which he starred alongside his now-wife. Jennifer Lopez – despite the fact that the romantic comedy was a box office flop.

“Interestingly, I learned more about directing on that film than anything else because marty [Brest] He is a brilliant director, really gifted,” he explained. “Not that it’s worse than anything… there are a lot of horrible movies out there and in terms of wasting money, I’ve had five movies, at least! – that they have lost more money than Gigli”.

The Shakespeare in Love star added that he was grateful that the film introduced him to the art of directing, and to Lopez, 53. “If the reaction to Gigli hadn’t happened, I probably wouldn’t have ultimately decided, ‘I really have no choice but to direct movies,’ which turned out to be the true love of my professional life. “he said. “So, in that way, it’s a gift. And I got to meet Jennifer, the relationship with which she has been really meaningful to me in my life.”

The “Waiting for Tonight” singer, for her part, joked that she’d love to do a Gigli sequel if given the chance. When asked who makes her laugh the most between takes during Vogue’s “73 Questions” in 2022, she replied: “My husband, Ben.” (The couple was first linked in the early 2000s, getting engaged in November 2022, but ultimately breaking up less than a year later. They resumed their romance in 2021.)

The couple, who tied the knot in two separate ceremonies last year, have not worked together since collaborating on 2004’s Jersey Girl, but are slated to pair up in Unstoppable, a biopic produced by Affleck and his friend. by matt damon production company and is set to have López as the lead.

For now, though, the Marry Me actress is helping her boyfriend behind the scenes. Affleck revealed in March that his wife helped him with the script for Air, which tells the story of Michael Jordan sneaker deal with Nike.

“She’s brilliant,” he told ET de Lopez at the time. “[She] It helps me in every way imaginable.”

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