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Initially part of the Potawatomi Native American landscape, the Lombard area was first settled by people of European descent in the 1830s. Lombard shares his early experiences with Glen Ellyn. Brothers Ralph and Morgan Babcock settled in a grove on the DuPage River. In what is called Babcock’s Grove, Lombard runs east and Glen Ellyn runs west. In 1837, Babcock Grove was linked to Chicago by a stagecoach line that stopped at Stacy’s Tavern and St. Charles Street in Geneva. Fertile soil, the DuPage River, and abundant timber drew farmers into the world.

Sheldon and Harriet Peck moved to the world from Onondaga, New York in 1837 and farmed 80 acres (320,000 square meters). In addition, Peck was a bona fide artist and portrait painter, constantly traveling to Northeast Illinois to visit buyers. Peck’s house was also the main school in the area and was restored by the Lombard Historical Society. In 2011, Peck Home was listed on the National Park Service’s list of verified Liberty Community Underground Railroad Websites.

The opening of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad in 1848 introduced native farmers and retailers to Chicago by rail, and industrial buildings quickly sprang up throughout the station. Lombard was formally integrated in 1869 and named for Josiah Lewis Lombard, a Chicago banker and real estate developer.

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