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nollywood actress, silly dikeh has called an unidentified friend for asking her for help despite being married.

The failed politician claimed that women will never cease to amaze her by expressing their shock at how a married woman could be demanding help from her, who is a single mother.

She claimed that the friend had asked her to pay rent on the house and noted how the friend had asked her friends to contribute to her wedding.

Tonto, who admitted to having a foul mouth, pleaded with him to have a conscience as he questioned who would pay the rent for the next house.

“Women will never cease to amaze me, you are married (2 heads to contribute). I am single (meaning just one person with 2 responsibilities). And you ask me to come pay the rent for you and a man you forced all your friends to contribute to get married?

You must be aware because you know that I have a BAD MOUTH… It’s okay.

Anyway, make your own mistakes, my sister, don’t listen to me ooo.”

“If I pay today, who will pay tomorrow? Will this rental prevent black eyes you cover with Mac dust? I love you but you are crazy for asking me to support a man who is clearly leaving marks on your body!! I wish I could slap you now.”

Home rental friend Tonto Dikeh

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